Key benefits of Xero

1. Cloud Based

Xero is a cloud based accounting software package. Your personalised log in details and password mean you can log in and access your financial records anytime, anywhere. It can be accessed from a range of devises including your computer, tablet or phone, making it perfect for busy business owners on the run!

2. It is user Friendly

Xero is simple in its layout and design making it very user friendly. The Dashboard can be easily customised and gives you a general overview at a glance of where your business is sitting financially. This help business owners make more informed business decisions on the run.

3. Automated daily bank feeds make reconciliation and sync

Say good bye to paper bank statements! Bank feeds can be automatically imported into Xero. You can reconcile your statements as you go, reducing the time and energy that needs to be spent come the end of the month.

4. Create Bank Rules and save time

What business doesn’t have reoccurring expenses? Setting up a bank rule for these reoccurring expenses will ensure that they are coded to the correct expense account every time they appear on your statement. Saving even more time. Less time spent reconciling your statements will mean more time available to concentrate on the things you love to do within your business.

5. Great help centre, Training and Support

The Xero help desk is a fantastic support tool. There are many videos and articles that can help you find the answers to any questions you may have. The best part is it is free! If you can’t find what you are looking for in the help centre videos or articles then you can call the help centre and talk to the experiences staff who will guide you towards the solution to your problem.


We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.




Process payroll for 1-4 employees

Workcover & Superannuation management

Quarterly & Annual reconciliation

Xero Payroll only plan

Payroll admin & training




Bookkeeping health check

Payroll management

Debtor & creditor management

GST management


Cash flow projection




Review bank statements reconcile

Review payroll

Review reports

Review Debtors & Creditors

Communicate with the ATO

Lodge Activity Statement to the ATO




Set up Xero Organisation with business/company details

Create bank rules

Create invoice templates

Customise chart of accounts

Invite client as a user

Complete payroll set up

Enter conversion balances

Includes one hour of training how to use Xero

Tax planning & budgeting

Free Bookkeeping health Check

You go to the doctors for a health check don’t you? So take one now for your business today and discover the areas in your business that need a financial health check.

This FREE Business Health Check is designed to ask you questions in all areas of your business, you can tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and you’ll be shortly emailed a document with the findings of your answers, giving you a place to start to get your business to a healthy profitable position. “If you don’t know you don’t know” I always say.

Click on the Free Business Health Check button below and get started and be sure that Balance Books will be here to help and guide you through your financial hurdles “We’ll Balance your Books, so you get more life Balance Back!”

Free business Health Check

Bookkeeping e-course

Six Weeks of Efficient Bookkeeping

How wonderful would it be, if your bookkeeping was done correctly? If you could trust the data you were reading in your financial reports? If you could tell if your business is profitable or not? If you only spent 15 minutes per week on your bookkeeping.

We have written a 6-week e-course, only taking up 15 minutes of your valuable time each week to watch, learn and action into your own business for the bargain price of $19.97 + GST per week.

You will receive a weekly video showcasing the ‘do’s and don’ts’ using Xero cloud accounting software and other Add-ons like Receipt Bank. You’ll also receive a step by step guide and checklist after each video, so you can get started and process your business’ bookkeeping the right way. The new financial year is soon approaching so it’s an ideal time to take up this wonderful offer.

We’ve seen it too often, business owners that want to do their own bookkeeping but are making errors due to lack of knowledge with the software or the financial industry. Balance Books want to share this knowledge with you, so the correct steps are taken ensuring your organisation is set up correctly and working efficiently for you right from the start. As you may know from previous experiences, bookkeeping can quickly get out of control and pushed aside into the ‘too hard basket’, let us help you so you can focus on doing what you love and less time doing your books.

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