Why we love to hire working mothers

Since I have begun hiring predominantly working mothers I have come to find that they are the ones who tick most of the boxes, in terms of what I’m looking for in an employee.

Hiring working mums has been a winner for my Business for many reasons. As a business owner off a successful cloud based bookkeeping business there are a few essential qualities I require in an employee. Since I have begun hiring predominantly working mothers I have come to find that they are the ones who tick most of the boxes, in terms of what I’m looking for in an employee. As the mother of a beautiful daughter myself, I have seen the change in my work ethic evolve and noticed myself having to become more organised and efficient to balance the demands of parenthood with a successful career. Here are the top 5 reasons why I love hiring working mothers.

1. They are great Multi-taskers

I am sure that all parents out there can relate to the fact that you become a much better multitasker through becoming a parent. This began from the moment my daughter was born. Life changed forever and I had to quickly evolve to ensure I was meeting her needs while also meeting the demand of my busy life. 90% of my employees are mothers of young children. I have found them all to be fantastic multitaskers and this is a skill that I admire in them all.

2. Have great Organisational Skills

As above this was something that evolved rather quickly once my daughter arrived. No more hitting the snooze button 10 times, I had to be up and organised to ensure that we made it out the door on time. In my industry organisation is Key to ensure that specific deadlines are met on time, every time. It is an essential quality in my employees for which I cannot do without. Organisation and accuracy are essential.

3. Find it easier to cope with pressure and stress

Being a parent can feel like being in a pressure cooker at times. Even small tasks like getting ready for school or getting them to their netball game on time can turn up the pressure, especially if you have other things on your mind or that need to be done. In my own experience working mothers evolve quite quickly to cope with new and different stresses and pressures. I can handle the stresses and pressures at work better than I used to before I was a parent. I have found this to be true of my employees as well. This equals more positive outcomes within the business environment.

4. Are flexible with their work arrangements

As a cloud based business moving forward and evolving with technology and the changing nature of our world is essential to the success of our business structure. Life today is different than it was 20 years ago. Raising children is different, we love that we can offer flexibility in our working environment. Most of our working mums work 9am to 3pm, three to four days a week. They are available to pick up their kids from school and maintain a work life balance. I find my employees are more efficient at meeting their deadlines as they are working within very specific time frames. It has been a win for my business and also my employees.

5. They are reliable

Being able to work from home means that deadlines are rarely missed. Sick children can be catered for and in my experience the work is still completed within acceptable time frames. They want to work and quite often they need the extra income. Let’s face it raising kids does not come cheap.

In my experience if you are looking for reliable, organised and flexible employees, look no further than the school yard. I love hiring and supporting working mums!

Sally Hams

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