What you need to know before Hiring Staff

Hiring a new employee is not a single event – it’s a process. Understanding each step in the process will help you get the best outcome for your business.

The first step is knowing what the law is surrounding the hiring of staff.  Such as what the National Employment Standards are, the different Awards and Agreements, the law around wages, record-keeping and payslips, taxation and superannuation. You will also need to know the law regarding discrimination and Workplace health & safety and worker’s compensation.

Following this it would be helpful to ask yourself a number of questions in regards to what type of staff you need to hire to meet your business needs. Such as,

  • What type of employment is it?
  • Is the person defined as an employee or a contractor?
  • Is the employee an executive (professional), employee (non award), or award-based Employee?
  • What kind of employment agreement is required? Full time, Part time, Casual or Contractor

Creating a process or system for your business to assist you in making the correct decisions concerning staff could be helpful not only now but also for the future, saving you time, effort and costly mistakes. Define the job and the selection criteria. This should include a position profile as well as the job description. Once you have made these decisions and have a clear idea of the type of person and skillset you are looking for to fit the position you need you can look at attracting the right person.

Having chosen the person you have deemed most suitable for the position it is important to make sure they have a clear understanding of their role and your expectations. This is best done in writing and may include an employment contract, the job description and your businesses policy handbook including but not limited to a code of conduct, information technology policy, drug and alcohol policy, parental, personal, annual leave, Work Health and Safety, and Work Information Statement Policy.

Create a healthy and productive work environment by checking in with your staff on a regular basis to give them feedback on their performance and to monitor their suitability for the role. Also address any problems or issues that do arise promptly in a way that generates an open and cooperative dialogue. This will assist in making work better for everyone.

Following is a list of helpful links and checklists to give you more information in regards to hiring staff for your business




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