6 Xero Apps that will change the way you do business.

Let’s face it, working on your business is time consuming and that is often the very reason we end up spending more time just doing things rather than taking the time to find out how we can work smarter.

Xero offers you a unique opportunity to work smarter with your business finances.  Here are 6 apps that will change the way you do business this financial year!


The Xero app allows you to reconcile your bank transaction anytime from your phone over coffee, in bed or on the way to work.  Knowing where you stand is a great way to start your day. You are in touch with exactly where your business is tracking at all times.  

You can also get paid faster by sending the invoices as soon the job is completed, even while still on site.  Customers details will always be within arms reach as Xero makes it easy to store them and look them up in a hurry.  Click here to learn more.


Get asked about products often and want to keep track of what are your best selling product lines are?  The Xero inventory tool will help you keep on top of what’s in stock and what’s not and giving you the information to make the right decision about what quantity is needed and pricing products. The ‘Get Inventory’ in Xero provides you with a simple CSV template for you to download and use.  Click here to learn more.


Run and track your projects easily with the Xero Project tracker.  One active user is included in your monthly Xero projects subscription and you only pay for extra users that were active that month.  Access and maintain project information and run reports free of charge for you Xero advisor and staff. More information on active usage and billing can be found on the help page.  Learn more here.


Have your business numbers displayed in a helpful display using a wide range of standard business standard business metrics such as gross profit, net profit on net sales, and debt to equity. It will also assist you in setting goals and tracking performance. Add metrics to your main dashboard so your favourite measures are right in front of you for quick access.  Click here to learn more.


Receipt Bank is your answer to shoeboxes at the end of the financial year!  It’s the easiest way to keep track of all your receipts, cutting out the data entry at the end of the month (or financial year!). With you app you simply email invoices and receipts via your personalized Receipt Bank email address or via the handy mobile app, and the world-class OCR data extraction technology provides you with all the key information.  All that’s left to do is review and publish to Xero in one click. With data entry out of the equation, you can spend your time growing your brand, investing in client relationships, or maybe just doing more of what you love. Working faster and smarter! Learn more.


As one of the earliest features in Xero, expense claims was overdue for some love and recently got some!.  Xero have been working closely with their accounting and bookkeeping partners and small business customers to rebuild it from the ground up.  The new Xero Expenses lets you:

Auto-capture receipts and submit expense claims on mobile devices

  • link billable expenses to Xero Projects
  • update reports
  • control who views, approves and pays claims
  • get real-time insights into who’s spending, how much, and on what

Xero Expenses is available to existing subscribers:

  • free until 28 September 2018, so there’s nearly three months to try it out
  • after 28 September 2018, it will cost $5 per month for one user and $5 per month for each additional active user

Your business can carry on using the original expenses feature for claims and reimbursements until 31 January 2019. And after that, historical entries will remain visible.

This is just another tool in your Xero toolbox.  Be sure to check it out! You can also find out more by clicking here.

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