6 Top Tips for Your Christmas Budget This Year

Do you find yourself running short of funds for Christmas every year or playing catch up for half the year after Christmas because you blew your budget? Why not try some of these smart tips and make your dollar go further this year?

  1. Start buying your gifts early.  Buy a few each week or payday.  In fact, you can grab some bargains in post-christmas sales too.
  2. Write down lists, on paper, in your notes on your phone or email them to yourself once you think of them (a good idea dies fast if you don’t write it down and it could save you money instead of buying that expensive last-minute gift because you just don’t know what to get someone).
  3. Make something yourself, check out Pinterest and see if you can embrace your crafty side.
  4. Look for specials, discounts, or buy one and get one free (you could get something for your family and the in laws, they’ll never know you got the same gift idea for two separate people/families!)
  5. Identify what ‘the family’ are wanting to do gift wise for christmas.  Consider doing secret santa, or family hampers instead of individual gifts.  And most of all remember, that as the years roll on, people are less likely to purchase or expect huge gifts.  
  6. Purchase a good book and invest in your family’s future!  Ps.  see below.

And what about your team members or staff?

There’s always wine, a mug they won’t use, or something that might just change their 2018!

Invest in people this year, with a good book.  People usually take time to relax in the sun and so my personal suggestion is a book called ‘Barefoot Investor’ by bestselling author Scott Pape.  The book is helping people change their financial futures one step at a time.  Its full of simple yet empowering money hacks.  

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Don’t let your Christmas be a financially devastating one. With a little planning and some creative thought the festive season can be an enjoyable time spent with family and friends and you won’t need to be caught out stressing about how you are going to afford it.

Disclaimer: The advice contained in Balance Books blogs and newsletters is of a general nature only and may not apply to your individual business circumstances.  For specific advice relating to your situation, please contact your Accountant or other professional adviser to discuss further.  


Sally Hams

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